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Our Team

Professor Taz

Brandon Alkire  Brandon also known as Professor Taz (each member in Capoeira is given a nickname), has been training in Capoeira since 1998 and has been teaching Capoeira since 2010.  He is a second degree instructor accredited by Allied Capoeira League and is the lead instructor for Tallahassee Capoeira and is the current Allied Capoeira League National Champion in the Teacher’s bracket.  He has been a strength coach (CSCS) since 2005 and Physical Therapist (DPT) since 2016 as well as being certified in Functional Movement Screening (FMS). He also has a background in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Choi Li Fut, Tai Chi, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Brandon brings a strong understanding of strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and sports performance for all ages and strives to help students, clients, and the martial arts community understand how to improve performance while limiting injury risk across all styles and disciplines.

Instrutora Texuga

Joyleigh Alkire Joyleigh is also known as Instrutora Texuga (each member in Capoeira is given a nickname), has been training since 1999 and started teaching kids Capoeira in 2005. She is a first degree instructor and is also accredited by Allied Capoeira League. Joyleigh has a degree in art education and has been homeschooling her daughters since 2013. Her experience teaching and guiding children along with her extensive background in Capoeira has been the foundation for Tallahassee Capoeira’s kids program has been built.

Our Partners

Mestre Aranha at

ACL Sacramento

Allied Capoeira League was founded in 2014 by Mestrando Aranha. After 22 years in the capoeira community, Mestrando had a clear vision of the curricula and experiences he wanted to offer his students. His previous training and competing brought him all over the United States and Brazil.

Mestrando Mico at 

ACL Gainesville



With nearly 20 years of Capoeira experience Mestrando Mico brings a lot of energy, fun and professionalism to his classes.  To read more about his Capoeira journey click here.


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