Ages 4-11


Capoeira Classes

(Ages 4 to Adults)

These are traditional Capoeira classes. Students learn kicks, dodges, acrobatics, and the music of Capoeira in a fun and challenging atmosphere.


Students learn the movements and how to interact with partners. Every class includes exercises that are geared to prepare students bodies for the high energy and intense physicality of Capoeira.



The full Capoeira experience requires live music and song. It is during our music classes that we develop our skills to play the various different instruments required. We learn new songs and learn how to make music together and as individuals.

Teens &



Family Class

One of Tallahassee Capoeira's main goals is to encourage families to pursue fitness together and that is what our familiy classes are all about. Come ready to play and work out together. All members of the family are welcome. .




In other martial arts, members have sparring sessions. In Capoeira, we play Capoeira in a roda. It is the reason we train our moves and is the focal point of our programs. Roda night is when we play our instruments and get to play other capoeiristas. It is fun to do and it is fun to watch!

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